Meet Bunkr

South Africa’s first fuel wallet

When fuel prices are unpredictable, you need something that will save you money and help you budget better like a Bunkr fuel wallet.



What is Bunkr?

Bunkr allows you to connect your rewards programs and use them to buy fuel using your smartphone. Your purchased fuel is stored in your “Bunkr Wallet”.
When you need to fill up, simply drive to any garage and use the app to fill up your tank.

save better fuel prices app Bunkr

Helps you save more on fuel…

Let’s be honest, fuel in South Africa is expensive. Bunkr allows you to take advantage of different loyalty programs, add them to the app and use them to fill up at different garage stations. This way, you save more on fuel.

Helps you budget better…

Don’t let the unpredictability of fuel prices force you to stare at your excel budget sheet during lunch hour. Knowing that your fuel needs have been met, gives you peace of mind. Bunkr allows you to be smarter, by allowing you to budget better.

budget better fuel prices app Bunkr

Why use Bunkr?

Aren’t you tired of all the news about fuel prices going up? Aren’t you tired of continuously adjusting your budget because there is another fuel hike next week? We understand the impact that fuel increases have on us as South Africans and we strongly believe that Bunkr will help you save money and Budget better.

Fuel prices in South Africa

I just use cheaper alternatives…

I use an average of 1.5 tanks per month, since I mostly use the MiCiti to work. I spend about R1500/month on fuel. I’d go toyi-toyi if it went above R20 per/ltr.

It’s getting insane..

So, I came up with a master savings plan below:
Fuel Price increase --> Drive Less
Food Price increase --> Eat less Food
It’s all about being smart, but if all of this fails perhaps it’s time to get a 50cc scooter ha ha!

Fuel prices in South Africa

Did you know?

South Africans pay the highest portion of their salaries towards petrol more than any other country in the world.

average South African fuel monthly spend

According to our Facebook survey in Nov 2018, the average South African spent R4500 p/m (2cars) and R2180 p/m (1 car) on fuel.

Petrol prices in South Africa

According to BusinessTech, South Africans spend more of their annual income on fuel than any other country in the world.

fuel prices

On Jan 2009, you bought a litre of unleaded 95 for R6.01 per/ltr and in Nov 2018 it cost R17.08 per/ltr.

fuel prices and tax to government

R5.63 p/ltr is what you paid the government in taxes for fuel(Feb 2019) p/ltr. If you removed taxes & levies you would have payed R8.17 instead of R13,80 p/ltr of unleaded 95, inland.

Meet the guys making the magic happen

Passion, value, and ideas. We are small but passionate about what we do. We strongly believe in offering something that’s valuable and so we are always asking how any idea can be valuable to our users. We are trying to change the way we solve problems and we hope that this will help us build a better product.

Nqobile Vundla

Nqobile Vundla (Mr.Q)


I’m a former Industrial Designer turned into a Digital Product Lover. I love design & technology, but I love people more. I am passionate about user experience and interaction design. I’m a curious reader, learner, photographer and I enjoy everything outdoors. 

Nqobile Vundla LinkedIn    

Bhekani Khumalo

Bhekani Khumalo (B.K)


I’m a software developer with a background in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Civil Engineering. I am passionate about learning and I love teaching. I am also a sketch artist, painter and podcast co-host where we talk about relationships and other interests.

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Most Asked Questions

What is Bunkr? When will this app be available? Here we answer all your questions so you can start getting ready.

What is Bunkr?

Bunkr is a fuel wallet, that allows you to connect different rewards programs, top up your account and use it to buy fuel. This helps in two ways. Firstly, it helps save you money. Secondly, it helps with your budgeting. Since you would have already set aside your fuel money, used your rewards program to save fuel, you'll have one less thing to worry about.

Why use Bunkr?

Bunkr is very easy to use and we believe that it will save South Africans a lot of money. South Africans pay a lot of money on fuel. When fuel prices increase, there is nothing that you and I can do but worry. That's why we are building Bunkr, to at least offer some protection and peace of mind to everyone.

Who is Bunkr for?

Bunkr is for every South African who owns a car and would like to save money on their monthly fuel costs. It is also for those who want to manage their monthly fuel budget better.

How much does Bunkr cost?

Bunkr is free. Free to use, free to install and free to enjoy.

How much fuel can I buy and when does it expire?

You can buy as much fuel as you need, there is no limit to how much fuel you can buy. Your Bunkr fuel will last as long as you use it. The fuel does not have any expiry date.

Can I convert my fuel back to cash?

In the future, yes you will be able to convert your Bunkr fuel back to cash or simply keep it in your wallet to gain interest. It is something that we are still working on.

Do I get points for using Bunkr?

In the future, you will be able to connect different loyalty programs to your Bunkr wallet, so that you can have as much value when using Bunkr.

Can I send fuel to someone?

We are still thinking and working on ways to make this possible.

How did you think about Bunkr?

We are a team of tech-crazy people from humble backgrounds who are passionate about a lot of things. We had grown tired of always reading about fuel prices and decided that it's time someone finally did something to protect the consumer (in this case, us as well). Also, we struggled with budgeting for fuel and we thought surely, there's got to be another way to solve this problem.

What drives you as a company?

Passion, value, and ideas. We are small but passionate about what we do. We strongly believe in offering something that's valuable and so we are always asking how any idea can be valuable to our users. We are trying to change the way we think and solve problems and we hope that this will help us build a better product.

What is the future of Bunkr?

Exciting! We believe that the future is very exciting. Imagine one day being able to send and receive fuel on your phone? Imagine having inbuilt fuel analytics that shows you how much fuel you have and based on your driving predicts how long the fuel you have is going to last. Also, imagine being able to borrow fuel now so you can pay for it later.

When will Bunkr be ready?

We are working really hard to launch sometime late in 2019.

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